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Learn how Ashley Kendrick helped Molly + Kylie navigate a topsy-turvy time!

Ashley and Sarah Kendrick are forging a new way in the Kansas City real estate industry with their professional experience and their personal care for clients. Whether you’ve known Ashley and Sarah forever or whether you’re a brand new client, you can count on the Kendricks to have your back!

Clients Molly and Kylie recently experienced how wonderful it is to have the Kendricks on your team, and they’ve agreed to share their story with us!

Meet Molly + Kylie

The Happy Family

Molly and Kylie were already living in the Kansas City area when this real estate tale began. With two beagle mixes, an English cream golden retriever, and a toddler, they certainly had their hands full already!

Both Molly and Kylie work in education, and when Molly accepted a position in Denver, they decided to pack up the life they loved in Kansas City and head for new adventures in Colorado.

Two different couples suggested Ashley as a listing agent, and that’s how Molly and Kylie met the Kendricks.

Working with Ashley

“From the first time we met her, she was so engaging and knew what she was talking about,” the couple commented. “She was very complimentary of our house…what we could do with it, what we could get for it.”

Molly and Kylie had never sold a home before; they appreciated how Ashley was there for every step of the process – even for cleaning! “She really goes above and beyond in everything she does,” the pair remarked.

With Ashley on the job, the house listing went smoothly and quickly. Molly and Kylie’s house was flooded with showings within 24 hours! Throughout the showings, Ashley would introduce potential buyers as they walked through the door. This professional and considerate approach helped Molly and Kylie feel at ease about the entire process.

When it came time to decide on the right offer, Ashley helped the couple talk through all of their options; she wanted to be sure that the pair felt good about what they were doing. “Ashley wasn’t leading us but giving us everything we needed to make a decision we felt good with,” the sellers explained.

The Plot Twist

Oliver – Molly and Kylie’s son

Out of nowhere, Molly and Kylie’s plans changed, and they decided to remain in Lee’s Summit. However, their previous home was already under contract. So, Molly and Kylie chose Ashley to be their buyer’s agent on their journey for a new home!

With a toddler and three dogs, Molly and Kylie knew their new house would need to have a fenced in back yard with plenty of room to play. The couple also enjoys entertaining, so they would need a big kitchen area, as well as a back patio. Hoping for a bigger family in the future meant finding a home with room to grow, too!

Ashley listened to their needs and the search for the new home began! “She’s always so responsive and so helpful,” the couple added. “She asked questions about Ollie [our toddler], played with him, and even looked at his toys. She said ‘well the house is for Ollie too’!”

The House

Home Sweet Home: Molly, Kylie, and Oliver at their new home!

“When we first came and saw it, my wife Molly had a few reservations even though it checked most of our boxes,” Kylie began.

The couple talked through it separately and asked Ashley if they could give the house a second look. On their return visit, “that’s when we really saw ourselves in this house,” the couple said. They even wrote a letter to the seller about how much their son Ollie would love the backyard!

Molly and Kylie’s new Home Sweet Home not only suited all their homeowning needs, but is also located in the same neighborhood where Molly grew up!

Since Kylie enjoys making drinks and trying new concoctions, the new house features an area in the basement where a bar can be built; her big home purchase was a kegerator.

Molly used to be an online fitness coach – their old house had a gym room that also served as a playroom. The new house has a gym room separate from the playroom, and now the couple’s siblings and friends come over to work out at times, too!

Ashley Kendrick not only found them the perfect new home, but also found them a great mortgage broker. “She really just went to bat for us,” Molly and Kylie remarked.


“Anytime anyone asks us about the house, or selling and buying and that process, we just rave about Ashley because it was such an easy, smooth process,” the couple recalled.

“In a very stressful time for us, it was never stressful; we were never stressed with Ashley.”

Ashley stays in touch and knows all the right people to help fix and maintain her clients’ homes. Molly and Kylie appreciated her recommendations for contractors, knowing that these contractors are people she’s worked with and trusts. During the selling process, Ashley had a great roofer come out before the house was sold. Ashley is now Molly and Kylie’s go-to person for any homeowning needs.

Ashley and Sarah Kendrick

The Kendricks’ knack for staying in touch just goes to show how much they invest in their clients. Even though Ashley and Sarah are both professionals, their personal interest in caring for the people around them speaks volumes. Molly and Kylie will both confirm this!

“We consider Ashley and Sarah friends now, not just a realtor.”

Contact the Kendricks

Discover what it’s like to work with the Kendricks for yourself! Whether you’re buying a new home, looking to sell, or wishing to remodel your current home, Ashley and Sarah can make your homeowning dreams a reality. Call today or contact them online for more information!