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First-Time Home Buyers

Beth and Rachel, returned to Kansas City after living all over the country. They were done with the constant moving between rental properties and feeling as if they didn’t have a space to call their own. With family living near Kansas City and the city’s local feel and big-city amenities, they decided to put their roots down in KC and buy their first home!

Initially, the home hunting process began with another realtor, but they quickly found that the ideal realtor for them needed to be well-informed about homes, the buying process, and the different areas they were interested in living in. A family member sensed their frustration and suggested they give Ashley Kendrick a try. Once they met with Ashley, they knew she was the perfect agent for them.

The Perfect Match

Right off the bat, Ashley and Kate, a member of her real estate family, took the time to get to know Beth and Rachel. They were attentive to everything that the couple was looking for in their first home and the areas they wanted to live in. Beth and Rachel noticed right away how knowledgeable and experienced Ashley and Kate were. Paired with their positive, friendly attitudes and their obvious experience in the industry– Beth and Rachel knew they were in safe hands.

“Ashley and Kate were the whole package, bringing us coffee and taking us to see tons of houses in all different styles. We could ask as many questions as we wanted and they pointed out details that we hadn’t even thought about. Especially as an LGBTQ family, we felt extremely well looked after and that made a huge difference to us.”

After much searching, Ashley and Kate brought Beth and Rachel to a beautiful home in Overland Park. The first thing they noticed was the neighboring house flying a rainbow flag. Immediately, they felt right at home in the neighborhood and they fell in love with the house. They put in an offer, but a higher offer had the attention of the seller and they began to feel completely discouraged. Ashley knew how much they adored the home, so she didn’t give up and she stayed on top of the situation. When the other buyer’s offer fell through, Ashley was there to scoop the home up for them, completely surprising them. In addition to getting them the house they wanted, Ashley helped get them a few more perks like roofing repairs before they moved in.

Home Sweet Home

Beth and Rachel have now been living in their new home since July of 2021 and they couldn’t be happier. They have been knocking out renovation projects around their home to completely make it their own – something they had always dreamed of doing when living in rentals. And while they love their home dearly, they really love the neighborhood they are in. They have become close friends with their neighbors, enjoying dinners together and evenings playing cards.

“We couldn’t recommend Ashely and Kate enough, in fact, we have already given her contact info to one of our friends! They were so knowledgeable, so helpful, and so kind. They went above and beyond for us every chance they got.”

If you are looking to sell your house or buy a new one and want Ashley Kendrick and her team’s expertise on your side – contact them today! Let them help you make your homeowning dreams into a reality!