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First-time home buyers, Julia and Grant, began the search for their dream home by asking close friends (who were also house-hunting) for recommendations on the best Realtor to help guide them through the home-buying process. They wanted to be certain the Realtor they worked with would keep their best interests in mind and, be able to educate them on every step of the home-buying process. The one recommendation that came up again and again from their friends was Ashley Kendrick.

Grant & Julia

After one meeting with Ashley, Julia and Grant said they knew she was the perfect Realtor for them. Ashley understood the features that were essential for their new home. For Julia and Grant this was going to be a house where they could live for a long time, a place with plenty of space to grow with a large yard for their dogs to enjoy. The couple had previously lived in downtown Kansas City and they loved being able to walk to nearby coffee shops and restaurants, so it was natural for them to want to find a home where they could also walk to and from shops and restaurants. There were many important check boxes on the couple’s “wish” list, which would make finding the perfect home a little harder, but that didn’t deter Ashley for even one second. She would find them this house!

Many people who’ve hunted for their dream home in the recent seller’s market have faced more than a few heartbreaks and certainly some frustrating setbacks. To ease the stress and keep the consideration list tight, Ashley and her team made it a point to only show Julia and Grant homes that closely matched the needs on their wish list. While it did take time searching – and waiting – for the best home matches to pop-up on the market, in the end, Ashley was able to find Julia and Grant’s dream home – a real miracle of a match!

Grant & Julia’s New Home

“Working with Ashley was a great experience! She helped walk us through every step of the process. She is a very genuine, authentic person with so much knowledge about different neighborhoods and homes. She was straightforward with us and helped us be realistic without having to feel like we were settling at any time. 

Our new home is perfect for us. It has so much charm and all the space we were looking for – we can see ourselves living here for a very long time and there is plenty of space to grow into. We also have the private yard we were really hoping for with lots of space for our pups to run around and, we can easily walk to nearby shops and restaurants. We have nothing but praise for Ashley and, we’re in complete agreement with all the rave reviews we read about her. We were completely comfortable throughout the entire process – and we never felt like we were left in the dark.”

If you’d like Ashley Kendrick and her team’s expertise on your side while hunting for your own dream home – contact Ashley today! They’ll be glad to guide you through the entire home-buying process from start to finish with less stress and plenty of confidence!