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Home Buying and Selling – A Tale of Two Experiences – From the Same Client!

When Parisa decided she was ready to take the leap and buy her first home, she was not sure where to start. When she mentioned her decision to buy her first home to some close friends, they raved about their great experience working with Ashley. Parisa decided to reach out and see if she would be a good fit as well. Right away, Parisa could tell Ashley was extremely knowledgeable about the Kansas City housing market and that she understood what Parisa was searching for.

Parisa’s dog, Luna!

Parisa’s list of requirements for her first home wasn’t long. She wanted to live in Kansas City in the Waldo-Brookside-Ward Parkway area for the neighborhood – and because she also wanted to be close to where she taught school. She wanted enough space to comfortably accommodate a roommate as she wanted to rent out space for extra income.  She wanted space for her dog, Luna, to run and play. And needed to stay within her budget. Even with a modest list like Parisa’s, the fast-moving and hectic real estate world requires persistence and patience to find a home that checks all the boxes.

While navigating the real estate world is second nature to Ashely, she understands this is a foreign and intimidating environment for her clients. According to Parisa, Ashley’s experience and wisdom were evident to Parisa throughout the whole process. Her intentionality especially stood out to Parisa. Ashley listened to every need, want, and concern Parisa had which made her feel confident in relying on Ashley to find the home that suited her best best.

Over the next 6 months, Ashley kept a close watch on the areas Parisa wanted to live in for homes that fit her list. Instead of bombarding Parisa with tour after tour of homes every week, Ashley carefully picked the ones she would show her. After touring 4 or 5 homes, Ashley brought Parisa to an attractive, 100-year-old home just a short drive away from her school.

The 2-story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms was just the right size for Parisa. The yard had plenty of space for Luna to run and play and a beautiful tree line framing the edge of the property. Inside the home, Parisa loved how the previous owners had balanced historic charm with modern upgrades in the kitchen and bathrooms. But what really struck Parisa was how quiet and calm the home felt. The home was in the heart of Kansas City, but felt like a peaceful, countryside home.

Times Change, Time to Sell

After enjoying the home of her dreams for two years, Parisa needed to make a living transition from Missouri to Kansas. She needed to sell her home. Parisa called Ashley to talk about selling her home. A new job offer in Kansas, meant Parisa needed to sell her beautiful Kansas City, Missouri home. The decision to sell was difficult because she loved her home, but she knew it was the right move. Ashley knew how hard it can be to sell a home you love, so she came to visit Parisa and talk with her about it.

According to Parisa, “Ashley came over and we talked about her own personal experience of letting go of a great house and how hard it was. Hearing her talk about her transition from living in Kansas City, Missouri and moving to Kansas showed me she understood what I was going through and how I was feeling. It was a tough decision and Ashley helped validate what I already knew. It was time to sell.”

“Ashley did a wonderful job representing me and standing up for me. Will all the unexpected curveballs and hurdles that come with working with buyers agents while selling, Ashley always made sure there was clarity for me – it was just super important to have someone who can advocate for you – and Ashley is great at that!”

Buying or Selling – Ashley has your back!

Speaking from both perspectives, Parisa noted:

“Ashley is an expert in the real estate business, but she’s also very caring about her clients. She listens to you, makes you feel valued, and makes sure you really understand the process. As a buyer, she really understood my requirements for a home, and didn’t let me settle for less. She shared her opinions with me when asked, but they were always in context of my needs. Her knowledge of the market has made her very wise – and, she is without doubt, a person and professional you can trust, which is why I came back to Ashley when I wanted to sell my home and, why I continue to refer her to my friends.”

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home and are curious about how Ashley and real estate family can help, just send her a message today!