From architecture to art, Midcentury Modern design transforms the way we view our culture, style our homes, and pattern our lives. To this day, artists and architects alike craft and create works that reflect the Midcentury era; these tributes in design are a neat way of preserving the one-of-a-kind midcentury mood.

Slim Aarons – “Poolside Gossip”

Midcentury Modern Photography – George Allen “Slim” Aarons

One of the most renowned photographers of the Midcentury era developed an intriguing approach that successfully captured the joie de vivre of the Midcentury period in a series of photographs depicting his subjects living the good life immersed within the architecture of the times. The photographer, George Allen “Slim” Aarons, used a highly saturated photo technique that produced a dreamy “painting-like” quality in his photography. The locations for his work were often high-end classy and modern homes like the Kaufman House in Palm Springs.

Artists today are still drawn to the classic lines, angles and of course the abundance of glass typical of the authentic Palm Springs style. Abstract vibes influence the geometric shapes found in each piece. With kidney shaped pools and a blend of neon and pastel colors, the art mimics an iconic look carried on today.

If you’re looking to bring a dose of Midcentury modern flair into your home, consider photos, paintings, or other forms of Midcentury artwork!

Midcentury Modern Tributes in Art Today

Jay-Z Ad Campaign Shot

Recently Jay-Z, American rapper and cultural influencer, shot an ad campaign with photographer Hype Williams in a reimagining of a classic Slim Aarons photo. Featured in the Architectural Digest, the campaign shots are a clear indication that Midcentury influence is more than alive and well!

Midcentury modern continues to not only sway modern architecture and design, but also continues to impact advertising. Crisp lines, geometric shapes, and that iconic blend of both neon and pastel colors dance cheerfully in every shot of the Jay-Z ad. Who could overlook the upper-class garb or the ever stylish kidney-shaped pool? In true tribute to Slim Aarons, the campaign was shot at Twin Palms, once home to Frank Sinatra himself.

One local Kansas City artist, John Ferry, takes inspiration for some of his art from Midcentury architecture. His paintings brilliantly evoke the clean lines and colors of the period, some of it on display at Kansas City Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art.

Kendricks’ Painting by Seth Smith

Ashley and Sarah Kendrick appreciate the art of local artist Seth Smith. Many of his paintings capture the refreshing Palm Springs poolside vibe – and the Kendricks proudly display one of his works in their home – pictured here!

The Kendricks at Home

Midcentury Modern Art In Your Own Home

Whether you’re looking to add a little or a lot of Midcentury Modern design into your life, the Ashley Kendrick Real Estate team is here to help! Midcentury Modern is a personal favorite design aesthetic, and the Kendricks are always interested in helping others bring that unique look and feel into others’ homes as well. From architecture to interior design to art and furniture, Midcentury is a passion for the Kendricks – contact them to discuss your ideas for Midcentury living today!