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When Ashley Kendrick bought this historic South Hyde Park home, its condition was deplorable. Neglect and time had dealt this home a hard hand. Beyond just being dated in style, the state of the property was extremely intimidating. From safety concerns to damage and disrepair throughout, the home was going to take a lot of work to make it a livable space again.

This California Bungalow-style home was built over a hundred years ago, in 1909, just 12 years after South Hyde Park was annexed into Kansas City during a booming population increase. Now, like it was then, South Hyde Park is a hugely popular neighborhood in Kansas City, with many people looking to purchase homes here. But not homes that are in the condition this one was when the Kendrick team bought it. So they set to work returning this home to its former glory.

The previous owners had reconfigured this home into a duplex with the first and second floor acting as separate units. Once the team had completed an extensive overhaul to remove all the trash, debris, and unwanted fixtures, the team reworked the home back into a comfortable, airy single-family home. The key to making this home beautiful and respectable again was doing everything the right way and taking no shortcuts.

The art of restoring historic homes is balancing the new with the old. So while the team removed things like the old, shag carpeting, swinging saloon doors, and cramped diner-style booth in the kitchen, they kept the craftsman wood detailing and exposed brick that reminds people of its history and charm. The kitchen was no longer a cavernous, wooden den – now it was elongated with new appliances and quartz countertops. The first-floor bathroom was also decked out with new fixtures and high-end tile.

The upstairs was then converted into a spacious primary bedroom with a beautifully renovated en suite bathroom. A custom-built walk-in shower, a modern soaking tub, and handy built-ins made it much more inviting and functional. White paint and warm-toned wood flooring throughout helped illuminate and reconnect the entire floor – emphasizing its size. They were also able to keep the cozy martini deck off the primary suite for an added touch of luxury.

The backyard was one of the biggest challenges of this home renovation project. Besides the mountain of garbage, an old hot tub and deteriorating pergola had to be torn out. With these gone and the back deck remodeled, the home now had an excellent, usable outdoor space. One of the best parts of this home is the two-car detached garage in the backyard. When this neighborhood was built, the residents were not car owners, but rode the trolley to get to and from the city. With a lack of space for cars, many who live in the neighborhood are stuck with street parking, so salvaging the garage was essential.

And they didn’t forget about the front of the home. Originally the home was a drab, unassuming gray-green color with red trim and three large trees blocking the front of the home. The team removed the trees so the porch now has an unobstructed view and repainted the home a subtle, periwinkle blue with white trim that was much more appealing. The detached garage also got a new coat of paint to match. The rest of the landscaping was cleaned up making the home significantly more welcoming.

The Kendrick team faced many obstacles when tackling this huge project, from just the state of the home itself to the challenge of acquiring materials and work during COVID. But despite the difficulties, they knew doing this project right without taking shortcuts would be the only way to appropriately transform this home. Once completed, this home went from being one of the least desirable in the neighborhood to being one of its most high-end homes.