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Sarah Kendrick – Design with the client in mind.

Before Sarah joined the team, Ashley Kendrick Real Estate flipped investment properties in much the same way as many other Realtors — routinely using the paint, tile and finishes throughout each property. The houses looked great, but Ashley sensed they could be much better. She wanted her completed properties to be unique – more upscale, and more sophisticated.

Design was originally an after-work hobby for Sarah. But, after a few projects, it was clear this was more than a hobby – especially after one of the houses she worked on sold for over forty thousand more than anticipated! Sarah’s results spoke for themselves. She left her career in corporate America behind and focused her efforts full-time with Ashley Kendrick Real Estate.

As a licensed realtor with many years of experience, Sarah brings even more than design to the table. With a keen understanding of what trends are selling in the market, Sarah is able to recommend home updates that will command a higher price for her clients.

Working with Sarah – What Engaging a Designer Means For Your Home

What is it like to work with a designer? Sarah Kendrick is very thorough. She does her due diligence and works with experienced architects and contractors to ensure top quality results. In addition to being thorough, Sarah sincerely believes in getting to know the clients she’s working with, and like Ashley, Sarah insists on being transparent and upfront in her business and personal life.

Sarah’s ability to interpret her individual client’s tastes, respect the home’s original character, and offer incredible design insight are all part of the skill set that makes her the “secret weapon” of the Ashley Kendrick Real Estate team.

“There’s such a demand for interior design. People want to create a new space they see on Pinterest or in magazines, but they don’t know how to do it, where to begin – and they also have a budget. There’s been a range of clientele from people that want a design and then to do all the work themselves to someone else who says, ‘I want to tear all these walls out, I need CAD designs, I need designs for bathrooms, kitchens – everything.’ I love doing it, I love to bring design to people that didn’t normally think it would be an option for them.

Our design services lean forward – but guiding principles of traditional residential design are never compromised. And our design styles spans many disciplines – from traditional to contemporary and most everything in between. Through a transparent, collaborative process, we specialize in full-home renovation, full-scale interior design services while keeping your budget at top of mind.” – Sarah Kendrick

To see more of Sarah’s talented work, click to visit the Design Services page!

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