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Numerous ad campaigns, movies, and television shows have kept Midcentury Modern design in the nation’s consciousness.

AMC’s hit series Mad Men effectively introduced a younger audience to the Midcentury Modern design aesthetic, popularizing the unique color schemes, artwork, and furniture among an entirely new group of eager acolytes . The show has been often lauded for its painstaking design authenticity.

The Midcentury Modern styles of yesterday are today inspiring current design trends. Many new furniture pieces are heavily influenced by the classic shapes and lines common to the Midcentury Modern design aesthetic but feature modern-day twists, such as adding animal prints or a pastel color pallet.

Part of the reason Midcentury Modern designs are so popular today is that they still feel new. The style is still sleek and futuristic-looking – and not at odds with today’s décor modern lifestyles. Unlike much of the bulky furniture of the 90’s and 00’s, Midcentury furnishings were originally designed to fit in smaller suburban homes – and today they continue to appeal to people living in apartments, condos and smaller living spaces.


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