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Mid-Century Modern Home Rescue

Finding a Mid-Century Modern home in perfect condition is rare. Many of these homes show the unfortunate repercussions of time but the chance to save one from total disrepair and give it the renovation it deserves should not be dismissed. Ashley Kendrick found this particular home and knew from the moment she saw it that it was meant to be hers.

“Obviously, I am going to buy this house. The floorplan was a gold mine and it had tons of cool architectural features. Just the other day we discovered the master bedroom had its own furnace under the floor, revealing that it had been an addition to the home. We are in love with how this home has come together and we still have many future plans for it.”

Ashley and her wife Sarah have breathed new life into this home, making it a Mid-Century Modern sanctuary and saving it from being forgotten.

Living Spaces

The common areas of this beautiful home uphold the charm and functionality Mid-Century Modern design is known for. Natural light floods these rooms from the large windows and sliding glass doors, reintroducing nature to the clean, geometric lines and shapes. Creating expanses of glass allows for the presence of the outdoors to be front and center throughout the space. Modern black hardware, bright white walls, and the black brick fireplace are expertly paired with the wide oak flooring and original wood paneling.


While the original kitchen was brimming with vintage quirks and ahead-of-their-time appliances, it was in need of a refresh. By opening up the space where a double oven and classic passthrough window used to be, the kitchen was given an entirely new vibe. It’s now brightly reconnected with the adjacent dining area instead of dark and secluded. On the opposite side of the kitchen, a large bay window allows in additional light and the tailored wooden cabinetry pairs gracefully with the distinctive kit kat tile backsplash that reaches up to the ceiling – adding a modern yet unique element.

Main Suite

Upon entering the main suite, one immediately recognizes the classic angled clerestory windows directly above the bed. These windows are a true staple of Midcentury Modern homes and for good reason. The windows brighten up the entire room without sacrificing any privacy or wall space. The framed bed in this room was custom-built specifically for this home and mirrors the gorgeous wooden beam running along the vaulted ceiling. Spacious and light, yet cozy and relaxing, the perfect combination for a main bedroom suite. This room also has an amazing en suite bathroom, a large walk-in closet, and access to the deck outside.


The bathrooms are all exquisitely polished in design with nature-inspired elements. The tiles chosen for these spaces were balanced in their hues and combinations from floor to shower. The fluid lines created by the sink basins mimic that of nature while still appearing modern and clean. The wooden vanities below the sinks perfectly encapsulate the Midcentury Modern trend of multi-material fixtures and furnishings.


The striking black paint and the wood details are essentially minimalistic, yet unique and eye-catching. Like many other Mid-Century Modern homes, this one still boasts its original carport and storage space. Carports, were extremely popular in post-war homes because of their modern, streamlined look while still being practical, especially in states with unpredictable weather conditions.

This home has an impressive amount of outdoor living space to enjoy. A private enclosed courtyard sits off the front of the house while a large deck connects all the rooms together in the backyard. The aesthetic of the home is carried out into these spaces as well, giving you plenty of room to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

Want your own Midcentury Modern home?

The Kansas City area has many hidden Mid-Century Modern gems and Ashley Kendrick is an expert when it comes to uncovering them. Restoring and designing Midcentury Modern homes is something she is passionate about. Call her today if you are in search of a Midcentury Modern home or looking to upgrade your own!