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Loaded with talent – and an enviable work ethic – Olivia Huffaker Smith combines her skills in marketing and her love for helping people as a real estate agent.

Hailing from Maysville, a town near St. Joseph, Olivia moved to the Kansas City area with big dreams on her mind – and more than a few hobbies. Olivia managed a few local retail stores in Kansas City for several years before deciding to make a career switch. There’s no question, when you grab a cup of coffee with Olivia, you’re bound to witness her love for helping people with design – whether it be fashion or interior design!

It was actually over a cup of coffee with her friend Ashley Kendrick that Olivia really began to pursue real estate! If you’ve met Olivia, you know that she is up for a challenge – so after becoming licensed in 2016, Olivia hit the ground running.

Olivia’s favorite part of working with clients is getting to genuinely help people. Buying a new home can be very intimidating. And clients – especially first-time buyers – often feel they are in an unknown and vulnerable place. Olivia loves the rewarding feeling of walking her clients through the what to expect during the home buying process. It gives them the ability to really experience the joy and thrill of homebuying – without the fear and hassle. She treasures the relationships she builds with each client and hopes to continue to work with past clients throughout their lives on more than one homeowning journey.

From Overland Park and Leawood to Brookside, Olivia especially loves working with buyers looking for property in Prairie Village and in the Waldo neighborhood. Her association with the Ashley Kendrick team creates a dynamic unlike any other. Oftentimes, Ashley and Olivia work as a team, using their individual skillsets to assist buyers in making real estate decisions.Olivia has nothing but high praise for Ashley and Sarah Kendrick and their team. According to Olivia, “The best thing about working with Ashley and Sarah is that you know they have your back. We’ve been through some fun and crazy times together.”

Olivia especially appreciated how Ashley volunteered to take on extra work during Olivia’s recent pregnancy with her son Krew. “Ashley really cares about the people,” said Olivia. She continued, “It’s really not about the money. The family dynamic of our partnership is just incredible. It doesn’t really feel like work to partner with Ashley and Sarah. They’re just such genuine and compassionate people – you just know they’d drop anything for anyone who needed a hand, it’s really the kind of people they are.”

Olivia and Sarah Kendrick also share a special common interest – interior design! Olivia’s interior design skills to date have mostly been put to use on personal projects – and with a few friends’ spaces. She hasn’t had a chance to really incorporate her interior design skills into her real estate career – yet!

Olivia also looks forward to occasionally investing in “flipping” homes in the coming years and looks forward to the exciting adventures in that area that may lie ahead! Olivia says she may also dip her toe into the staging side of selling homes. Whatever the future holds, she adores working with Ashley and Sarah Kendrick and plans to continue partnering with their team for many more future projects.

In her home life Olivia is married to husband Tanner Smith. The two met in high school and dated since she was 15! The two are parents to their son Krew – and to their sweet pups Oliver and Chloe – all of whom Olivia says keep her on her toes! School and career brought the family to Kansas City – a city they’re thrilled to call home. And the Kendricks are thrilled to collaborate with Olivia as a partner to their team!