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Although Hurricane Katrina was devastating, it did bring a great person to Kansas City – Kate Pilgreen. Born and raised in Wichita, Kate was a multi-sport athlete in high school. After high school graduation, Kate brought her athletic abilities to New Orleans where she attended Loyola University playing guard for the Wolf Pack women’s basketball team while studying Music Business. But in 2005, when the fierce hurricane rolled in, Kate and many others had to roll out.

With only a bag of clothes and a tank of gas, Kate initially evacuated to Hahnville, Louisiana. It was rough time – in fact, without cell service, Kate says she couldn’t even tell her family she was okay! After Hahnville, Kate made her way to Kansas City moving in with her brother and sister-in-law. Kates says, “Kansas City just felt like home” – and she’s been here ever since.

With a degree in music engineering and production, Kate originally planned to follow her love for music and her “Dolly Parton dreams” and stay in New Orleans. But, after her sudden relocation to Kansas City Kate was just in need of stable work. After waiting tables for a bit to make ends meet, Kate became a high school basketball coach at Pembroke, and later became director of athletics at Notre Dame de Sion high school.

As for getting into the real estate business, Kate had once worked with Ashley Kendrick’s sister, Andrea, who originally introduced Kate to Ashley and Sarah Kendrick. In fact, Ashley and Sarah went on double date with Kate and her now wife, Jessica! Kate’s friendship with the Kendricks developed over the years, as did Kate’s interest in real estate.

Ashley was quite helpful as Kate began to explore real estate. Kate decided to pursue her real estate license, became an agent, and closed her first real estate transaction as an agent by finding her parents a home in Kansas City when they moved to the area from Wichita.

That first transaction truly ignited Kate’s passion for the real estate industry. A confirmed extrovert, Kate says she is always excited to work with new clients and join them on their journey toward finding and buying a new home. In Kate’s own words, “I love to get to know people and learn all the little things about their individual tastes as they tour each home.” All of these little insights help Kate complete the picture of the home the buyer is seeking – and helps Kate find just the right house for each client.

Kate specializes in neighborhoods anear and around Independence, Hyde Park, Red Bridge and the Pendleton Heights. Kates says collaborating with Ashley Kendrick and team has sharpened her skills and given her a deeper look into a more experienced real estate agent’s life and work.

According to Kate, “Ashley is so strong, knowledgeable and kind – just a wonderful mentor. She’s also fair, she’s honest and, with her tremendous real estate experience, she’s incredibly helpful. And nobody is more fun to work with – Ashley just exudes joy and energy.”2 women and 2 dogs

In her spare time, Kate plays guitar, writes songs and relaxes with woodworking. She lives in Waldo with her wife Jessica and their two dogs Wilson, a Labrador mix, and Margot, a greyhound mix. The couple regularly foster dogs and, with a true heart for rescue animals, one of Kate’s dreams is to one day own a hospice for older fur babies.

The future is an exciting place for Kate Pilgreen as she looks forward taking on more listings growing relationships in the business and helping more buyers find just the right home.