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The Kendrick real estate team and friends support LGBTQ+ community members through Habitat for Humanity’s Pride Build program!

During the month of October, Habitat for Humanity hosts Pride Build, where volunteers assist local LGBTQ+ community members with minor and critical home repairs.

“Together with LGBTQ+ community members and allies, Pride Build is building an inclusive Kansas City community where every individual and family has the opportunity to obtain and maintain fair and equitable housing.”

The program got its start back in 2019 and since then, Pride Build volunteers have helped numerous community members with projects they wouldn’t be able to tackle on their own, such as painting, landscaping, deck repairs, and various other home improvement projects. By giving up some of their time, volunteers help these community members feel safe and comfortable in their homes.

Habitat for Humanity is all about providing community members with strength, stability, and reliance through shelter. This organization has been serving the Kansas City area for over 40 years and has helped build and renovate over 700 homes so far. Click here to learn more about Pride Build and how to volunteer!

Ashley and her real estate team, who first participated in Pride Build last year, were so excited to join the cause again in 2022. In fact, Ashley had more than a full team since so many of her friends were eager to lend their time and a hand to help support the community member assigned to the Kendrick real estate team when they signed up. According to Ashley:

“Pride Build is an amazing program put on by Habitat for Humanity. It is so powerful to not only be able to help someone who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community but someone who is a member of our Kansas City community! There are so many great organizations that you can support by donating money, but Pride Build is one where you can do so much good by donating your time. And when you are there, you see the impact you are making and you get to meet amazing people in the process! I am so proud of all my friends for the enthusiasm they have for this program and organization! Doing something like this takes you out of your comfort zone – and that’s a good thing!”

Check out the photos captured throughout the day below!