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Ashley and Hailee are joined by Jhy Coulter of Devoured Pizza on this episode of Behind the Bar!

Jhy Coulter started Devoured Pizza in her backyard during the pandemic after being furloughed from her job. The more people who tried her unique topping combinations and award-winning Cloud Crust, the more popular her backyard pop-up became!

Jhy and her business/life partner, Brit, transformed the small backyard production into an incredible pizza pop-up concept, providing eclectic pizza combinations for all kinds of events! Devoured Pizza is all about bringing events a fun and inviting “vibe” that encourages people to try new and exciting things!

Now, Jhy and Brit are ready to bring Devoured Pizza to even more people by expanding into a brick-and-mortar location – Orange: By Devoured!

Watch the video below to learn more about Devoured Pizza’s founding and what its future looks like!