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Are you considering selling your Kansas City home but not sure if the time is right? Maybe you’re hesitant about making repairs or updates to your home to get it ready for sellers. Or maybe you’re unsure you’ll get the price you want. But we’re here to tell you the time to sell is now!

Top Five Reasons To Sell Today! 

1. Home Buyer Demand is High, but Inventory is Low

The demand for homes in Kansas City has skyrocketed with a limited number of homes for sale. With limited inventory, your home will be considered by many more buyers than in a steadier real estate market. This means your house could sell very quickly instead of waiting months or even years for the right offer – and you may not have to worry about closing costs.

2. Home Prices Are Up

With the current race for housing, prices are high – and this is great news for sellers! In the current market, you could expect your home to sell rather quickly for the asking price, or easily above; additionally, expect to receive multiple offers within the first couple of days. In fact, it’s not uncommon right now to pick a number you’d like to get on your house, because you’ll probably get it! On a recent transaction, our team experienced 102 showings, received 32 offers, and sold above asking price within the first 48 hours! It doesn’t get much better than that!

3. Mortgage Rates Are Low

Buyers also have the advantage of historically low mortgage rates, giving them an even bigger reason to buy now. Without the low rates at play, demand would not be as high – another major factor in the current real estate market.

4. Buyers Needs Have Changed

Due to the pandemic, many homeowners are reconsidering their current space with the need for office space, more room for children to learn and play indoors, and even just a quiet space to escape to! This means they’re seeking more space in a new home – yet one more reason to sell!

5. You May Be Able to Sell “As-Is”

Because of high demand, many homebuyers are signing contracts for homes in their present condition. This means homeowners aren’t necessarily required to invest as much money and time on repairs and updates than they normally might have to in order to attract buyers. Say goodbye to that home project headache you’ve been putting off!

Four Tips for Kansas City Home Buyers in 2021

  • Pull on Their Heartstrings – Always write a personalized letter to the seller. Forming an emotional attachment is going to be key to calling the house your own. Many sellers with multiple offers will choose a family they favor over the highest offer. Whether you have the highest offer or not, always write a personalized letter to the seller. Share who you are, what your dreams are made of, and how much you love the house.
  • Don’t Expect Sellers to Cover Closing Costs – Another unusual aspect of the KC housing market to take into consideration before you buy! Many sellers are not covering closing costs due to multiple offers coming in. Be sure to calculate this cost in your contract.
  • Don’t Skip the Inspection – Because of the fast-paced market, some home buyers are skipping the important step of having the house inspected. Don’t be tempted to take this risky shortcut! You may face issues down the line and have major regrets.
  • Don’t Settle – Because inventory is so limited, buyers can feel an urgency to buy one of the first houses they look at. We promise that there is a home out there that you won’t have to settle for – and we can help!
Make the Move Now!

The Ashley Kendrick Real Estate team can’t wait to support you in your real estate search. Whether you’re selling your house at the most opportune of times or searching for your perfect dream home, Ashley Kendrick and her team of real estate experts will help you every step of your journey. Call today or contact us online to create your dream future!